Sunday, September 30, 2007

NeverWinter Nights 2

A while ago i decided to write wannabe reviews about all the games i`ll ever play, a year later i finally found the will power to do so. Hardly i had to give up on a few MMO`s to catch up on some nice titles, starting with Obsidian`s NeverWinter Nights 2.
Before starting NWN2 i felt the need to replay NWN because i loved the first one and hoped for the second to be even better.
First impressions were BAD and i don`t mean BAD in good way, but really really BAD. Even though it has some wannabe nice graphics, new classes/features/etc/etc i hated it in the beginning. The first 2 hours i felt like playing The Sims and in game tips enforced that feeling ( members/companions have feelings too ...). Sadly, most of the time i was afraid that what i say might offend my companions and i might loose influence with them, by the time i figured out what to do with that influence i already started to hate my companions. Khelgar Ironfist ( dwarf fighter) for example wants to become a monk, it`s hard not to do his quest because it coincides with the story line. After loosing a lot of influence with the other companions and doing his quest i found myself loosing an excellent, well equiped fighter to gain a monk. To be honest Khelgar had stash/warehouse written all over him from day 1 and even though i tried to make him quit the quest the influence check always failed :(
The thing is i started with the new class in D&D 3.5 Warlock, i can safely say it`s more than powerful next to the other classes, the warlock has a few spells but he can cast them as many time he wants. The Eldritch Blast ( long range magical touch ) can be changed to all tipes of blast ( Drainging Blast/ Brimstone/ Beshadowed/etc/etc ). Its basically the same blast but with another effect or type of damage, there is even a blast that can do damage to magic immune enemies.
Amazingly the storyline sucks hard, there is nothing new about a character from a little swamp village who will eventually grow strong enough to save the day.
Another thing i didn`t like in NWN2 was the lack of freedom ( in nwn1 i would gladly depopulate the city of NeverWinter when bored) and the fact that i had to stay with the check view on most of the time to spot out the lootable stuff. Most of the doors/boxes/corpses are "unselectable", but as the story line goes on you eventually manage to check everything out.

The hardest thing to swallow in this game are the bugs, i mean .. the game is full of them. I can ignore the sound of a box opening while looting a corpse. But while running for my life from a not so successful attack with the last char in my party ( the other being dead of course ) and then making a nice quick save when the enemy is a long way behind me followed by a nice load game will result in having all the party members standing up ... even with 1 hp exactly where the game was saved, with the enemy away - can change the faith of one battle. About 3 hours after i started the game i even found a nice XP bug in the nice wannabe camp of Fort Locke.

There are a few nice things about NWN2 though, some of the wannabe insults from one companion to another (during some in game cinematic ) are funny, i can say the same about the players choosable lines. A rather ironicly funny situation was fighting in Duskwood, "the duskwood trees damper spells", it was kind`of "no spells allowed( buffs included)" and ... for whatever reason in the end i had to kill 4-7 wolfs/dire wolfs and 2 halflings wannabe werewolfs with this party : 1 fighter 1 warlock 1 wizard, the damn beasts zerged me for allmost one hour :(
All i can say about the official campaign is : the story is a lot worst than expected and the gameplay can be better
Enough of NWN2 for now because i simply can`t take any more disappointment from one game.