Sunday, April 26, 2009

Tom Clancy`s H.A.W.X.

A few weeks ago, a friend from work asked me if I played H.A.W.X. yet and if I like flight simulators. My answer was simple : NO and FUCK YOU. I barely forgot all the hours of stress while trying to figure out how to get off the ground in one of the F-xx series.
Though i didn`t want to stay completely in the dark, I decided to at least google the damn game. Google`s results were, as always, many and barely decisive, until i saw the magic words : TOM CLANCY`s. I didn`t hear about H.A.W.X before, but when i saw Tom`s name there, i knew that it deserved at least one try. So far, all of Tom Clancy`s games were great for me, so almost instinctively i knew this one would be great.
A few moments of download, another few moments to install the game and voila, i was ready to kick ass.
I have to admit that while the game was installing i kept having some flashbacks about my plane simply sitting in the airfield doing nothing as i had no fucking idea about how to take off, but there it was, i started the game campaign and, to my greatest surprise, my plane was already in the air.
"AI KARAMBA!!" shouted Bart`s voice in my head, now i am going to kick ass for real. In just a few seconds i adapted to the game, and already blowing some emo ass sky high. H.A.W.X. has an almost unique gameplay that relies on two very important things : SIMPLE and FUN. In my opinion other flight simulators are hardly SIMPLE and NO FUN at all, while H.A.W.X. is purely brilliant. The air-to-air fights are pretty much awesome and the air-to-ground fights are like a small challenge which consist of "how many tanks can you blow up before you hit the ground/have to turn your noze up and dive into them again". All of the missions include blow this up and protect/escort that, but even the protect/escort part consists on blowing enemies fast and effective. Though so far i`ve only played the campaign and it took me about 4-5 hours to finish i have to admit that the only bad thing i can say about this game is that the "realism" part si pretty damn questionable. At one mission i was supposed to take back L.A. and after a quick sweep of the city, another wave of enemies had appeared, i pretty damn expected to see more tanks and planes on the battlefield but i really couldn`t understand where did the fucking Anti-Air turrets had appeared from again ( considering that the city had been swept of all enemy forces ) ?!?!?!?!
Besides the great gameplay H.A.W.X. has great graphics to offer, even if most of the time i had to stare at the plane`s ass i can say that this game was a real treat for my candy hungry eyes ( especially now with my new PC ). All of the mission locations look as realistic as authentic ass possible.
Next to the cool graphics and great gameplay this particular game also has some of the best sound tracks so far. Put them all together and voila : i was fucking absorbed by game.

Just like all the games out there, H.A.W.X. isnt flawless, the most important thing for me simply had to disappoint me : the difficulty system. At the normal level i had many missiles and i took very low damage, at the expert difficulty i had slightly fewer missiles and i took a little more damage, but the enemies rarely managed to land a hit on me and they blow up really fast at either difficulty leveles ( 1-2 missiles ), and even for the dumbest of players there is an E.R.S.(Enhanced Reality System) to help them evade/intercept/fly.

Here`s a pic of me trying to play the game at the super mega awesome difficulty setting : my cat biting/playing with my hand while i was playing.