Friday, August 29, 2008

Games VS Movies : Postal

Postal, the game which inspires carnage, tons of blood, big guns, strange guns, and lots of ways to kill an emo. I guess that the best way to describe this game is: FUN.

Recently I saw the Postal movie, just like the game, is great. From the beginning to the end I laughed my guts out as I watched the postal dude spread funny lines from left to the right, as he was put in many great situations and mostly, the way he managed to handle them all.

The movie starts in one of the funniest, yet controversial, possible ways ever, a joke about 9/11, as how the whole stuff wasn`t the way it supposed to be. Shortly after the great intro I saw the main character of the movie just like in the game, and trust me on this one, there was no one better for this role, there are only a handful of actors I know, who have this lovely effect on you, when I saw Zack Ward, I instantly realized one thing: he`s going to rape or kill one or many emo`s.

Starting in front of his trailer house in Paradise City, listening to the crap his fat bitch of a wife had to say, and only after a few seconds, how he finds out about the fucking she does when the dude isn`t home.

Generally this movie is like a roller coaster, it has as many superb parts as it has stupid and boring ones. For some strange reasons, probably the power of Hollywood, in this movie I saw one of the most useless characters in a movie: “the good looking secondary character, the bitch, the cool looking coffee seller girl”. Sure the movie added tons of hot babes, but why did this one had to appear as if she`s the postal dude`s girlfriend or something. Sure the movie had the classical emo killing, hippie raping, and best of all: A few explosions involving the number one fans of Allah. Sure the movie added the cat-pistol, or, how I like to call it, the headshot through a cat`s ass.

After an hour of watching the shower of blood, and the gut flow this movie had to offer, it ended with absolutely the greatest fucking line in the history of man kind as we know it, and with the dream of the masses coming true : The explosion of the wife, and the epic line : I regret nothing!