Saturday, September 6, 2008

The little engine that could

After months of brainless MMO`ing i finally got the guts to step up and play the game which was supposed to be the best of the best, the game which defined the new generation : Crysis

From the first day when i heard about Crysis i was simply stunned by it`s requirements, sure the game was promising some interesting stuff, like the so called freedom and some neat gameplay but all these just can`t be compared to the graphics. So i recently bought just about the best pieces of hardware money can handle and what better way to test it`s power but to install Crysis.
Starting the game i was somewhat impressed with it, the weapons were standardishly nice, the whole island was looking fantasticly good and with the abience, it almost seemed real. That ultil i started the mission. Let me just put it this way : all the graphics in the world cannot, just cannot compensate for the flaws in the gameplay and the AI, i`m not saying that the graphics aren`t fantastic, but let`s be real here. In order to take down an enemy lots of bullets are required, 2-3 shotgun shells to the head or a well placed grenade. But the strangest part is that you can actually go through the game, untill the part where you get out of the alien ship, only with your fists. As far as the enemies will go, i`ve lived to see two strange situations : at one point the emos were shooting at me from an impressive distance with damn good acuracy, in other situations the tards could land a bullet on me thanks to the gimp tree who kept me cover.
The game offers a short, yet interesting amount of weapons. For starters some are good some are useless and all of them can be modified with either a scope, flashlight laser pointer etc. The main character, "Nomad" can cary two weapons a few grenades and a potential RocketLauncher. The rockets will follow the pointer the grenades will prove useful, but the other ones, they just run out of bullets too fast.

Next to the graphics this game was supposed to show off it`s "freedom". Though such things are always limited, the player must do some quests ( go there, kill that, come here, blow me, and stuff like that), and the only "freedom" existing is represented by the vast ways to accomplish a mission. From charging in to stealth or by simply running. Let me just say that the game promised more, a lot more.
Another interesting thing in this game is the nano-suit. Crytek gets a nice piece of candy for this one. Other shooters have power-ups usable only when picked up or when some fanatic score is achieved, Crysis however puts the suit on you, and the only thing you have to do is to switch from one power-up to the other. Fantasticly when the player uses a power-up the suits power is drained, but no problem here you easy mode player fucks, the suits energy is restored at a high rate.
Sadly i expected more from Crysis, a lot more, tons more even. After finishing the game and going through that /fail ending this is the conclusion : Crysis = ultra pro graphics + imba nanosuit + idiotic AI + EMO enemies + mediocre weapons + a shit for a storyline.
Crysis isn`t the game it suposed to be, it`s below average. Worth giving it a try but, like is said before, all the graphics in the world cannot compensate for the flaws in the game.