Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A FUN game

Despite all odds, i got bored with "the new games", the new generation of games kind`of SUCKS, of course not all new games are bad but just most of them. When it comes to the new generation of PC games all the fun part goes to finding the bugs, the challenging part turns into saving enough money for a new PC if a player wants mega graphics ... and for what ? The new games are either clones with few enhancements or idiot remakes or sequels .
Usually i look for a challenge when it comes to PC games, hard games .. that require at least some skill, not quest or puzzle games but Action/Shooter/RTS`s. But enough about this, this post is dedicated to one of the most fun games i have played this month: Jets `N` Guns.
The game got my full attention 1 minute after starting it, it`s just great. The graphics are good, i mean a boom is a boom and a blast is a blast, the soundtracks are the standard for any similar game, the storyline is a bit zombie like - go there kill that / i went there i found/killed that.
This game has all the elements a gamer needs to enjoy it, it`s a nice arcade like/shoot`em`up style "player VS the world( space pirates/aliens etc. )" game.
Unlike other similar game in which the player owns a ship and has to save the world this game is funny. The player can paint/equip/upgrade his ship as he or she desires. Mainly the ship has : front/rear slots for weapons, rocket slot, bomb slot ... the classic. But the game exceeds it`s self with a lot of original weapons and upgrades and more. I personally like the Zombie Blues Plasma Gun, most of the weapons are great simply original, the player can buy or sell a weapon before any mission, during that time he can also test them on some "targets" before he takes them to battle. I could type about the weapons all day but there is more to the game than that. The upgrades are amazing : the player can even get form a nice shield around the ship to a jet pack ( in case the ship is destroyed the pilot ejects and the player can continue the game with the lil` pilot ... of course the game won`t last long from then on but it`s worth a few laughs) ... a nice hacking computer "Atarix" to help the player open picked up crates .. and even a Bounty Hunter Licence to spot out the wanted pirates in the enemy ships ^^. One of the features i liked the most is that during the game .. enemy pilots tend to eject a lot after their ship is destroyed and therefore their corpses go to the body count ... and .. with some luck ... a big part of the destroyed ship will fall on some other future points for the body count on the ground ... little bastards ^^.. even the weapons description and the game background and funny.
Not much left to say ... but more to play, and it`s worth it.